Dana Mellor

Dana is an experienced coach, specialising in transitional development for career returners.
Creating confidence for change has been my raison d’etre since I started my career as an accidental pioneer. Born and raised in the horseracing industry my path was set by expectation rather than design. 
Not content with being one of only a few women to ride professionally, I also wanted an education and that’s how I became the first law graduate ever to embark on a career as a professional jockey. One week I was a student and the next I had a full time career in sport. This transition was a culture shock at all levels. 
While competing in this challenging, exciting and, at times, unforgiving environment I had an enduring desire to make sense of my situation and this led to my next appointment as the horseracing industry’s career coach.
A slow but rewarding culture change followed equipping me with tangible and unique insights moulding easily into the context of coaching and development. Comprehensive support and more secure futures for jockeys embarking on short term, often precarious careers became the norm.
While on maternity leave in 2006 my focus on transitional development for career returners emerged within a community of like-minded women at the University of Bath. Using a variety of techniques and drawing on my experience as a coach I was fascinated to learn from my peers facing a variety of challenges and all with different resources and expectations. 
My coaching practice has since continued to evolve around issues fundamental to leadership such as raising levels of confidence, clarity, focus and transition management.
I’m delighted to be continuing the conversation with Careers Collective.
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